Sunday School at 9 am | worship at 10 am

As our name suggests, Jesus Christ is our first priority. We strive to be a community that is centered around Him, not around us. Our goal is not to have people leave our services thinking “what a great church,” but rather “what a great Savior!”

So even though we approach worship with reverence and serve with excellence, we don’t take our selves too seriously. Worship is not about our polished performance, but God’s grace. Our worship services are put together in an intentional way to remind us of God’s grace.

Our services include songs, prayers, Scripture readings, and historic confessions of faith that remind us of who Jesus is and how He redeemed us through His death and resurrection. Our musical style includes time-tested hymns as well as newer songs with singable melodies and simple accompaniment that allows us to focus on the meaning of the words and the singing of the congregation.

The sermon is particularly important to us. This is a time to think more deeply about what God has to say to us in the Bible, and how we should respond. The preaching style here could be called “expository,” meaning that our preachers strive to tell you what the Bible says rather than their own ideas.

Communion, sometimes called the Lord’s Supper, is also especially important to us. We celebrate every week as part of our regular service. As a visible and tangible reminder of Christ’s broken body and shed blood, communion is an essential part of our faith. Communion is open to all baptized believers in Jesus Christ.