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Music Ministry


We believe the singing of the congregation, as they encourage one another and glorify God by singing the gospel to one another, is the central music ministry of the church.  The purpose of our worship leaders, singers, and musicians is to lead and support congregational song.   Each week we put together a blend of old and new songs that harmonize with the theme of the sermon that morning. This blended style enables us to serve a wide variety of backgrounds in our service. It also allows for a great variety of people to be involved in serving. Here are a few ways to serve in the Worship Ministry.

We have a rotating team of singers who help to lead the congregational singing and model our responsibility to teach and admonish one another by singing (see Colossians 3:16).  There is no requrement to be able to harmonize or read music.  If you can carry a tune and sing along from the pew, you can probably sing up front!

For a few Sundays each year, we will expand the worship teams to become a choir.  This provides an opportunity for those who might not want an individual microphone, but still would liek to sing.  We typically assemble the choir for Easter, Christmas, and a few other Sundays throughout the year.

At FCC we regularly use various instruments, such as piano, organ, guitar, bass, and drums, to help lead worship on a weekly basis.  We also occaisionally have orchestral instruments join our team, such as violin.  We strive to provide an opportunity to use whatever musical gifts God has given His people, so if you play it, we'll do our best to find a place for it!

Though tech people are often overlooked, they are criticial to our Worship Service.  Each week we need someone to run sound and the slides on the screen.  If you have an ear for music, or just a heart to serve in this area, please call to get involved.  Any training needed will be provided.


If you are interested in serving in any way in the Worship Ministry, please contact the church office.