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Well, What Are You Worried About?

As Americans, we are regarded as having one of the highest standards of living in the world, yet issues like worry and anxiety and depression are on the rise among us. This is why we're dedicating a series of sermons to deal with the problems that are so common among us. This week we're going to face the issue of anxiety. Consider these statistics: Stress and anxie...

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GROW Location Change

GROW (our regular meeting for 7-12 graders) will meet at the Huff's home on Sunday evening, May 29, at 6pm rather than at the church. If you need directions, please email Josh at . ...

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A Guilty Conscience

Guilt is a strange thing. It can be a highly motivating force or a paralyzing emotion. Some people like to use guilt on others to manipulate them in order to get what they want. Perhaps they see themselves as a kind of sad travel agent as they send those around them on guilt trip after guilt trip. Parents use this tactic on their children as they say, "I think you should r...

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Doctors and Plumbers

Did you hear about the plumber who was called to fix a leak at the doctor's house? The two minute job cost $200. The doctor was aghast. "I don't charge that much and I am a doctor." The plumber replied, "I didn't make that much when I was a doctor either. That's why I became a plumber." What we need in the church today are plumbers who are also doctors. Let me explain. Ye...

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Modern Problems, Ancient Solutions

This week we launch a new mini-series of sermons entitled, Modern Problems, Ancient Solutions. In this short series I have chosen to address two modern problems that weigh us down—depression and bitterness. ...

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What Can I Do To Escape This Pressure?

This Sunday is Mother's Day. As you might expect the theme this Sunday will reflect the role of our mothers in our lives. But I have a confession to make. Mother's Day sermons are hard for me. And it's not because I don't have a good relationship with my mother. I have a wonderful relationship with her. Always have. And I have a fantastic relationship with the mother of my...

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