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There's a Problem, But It's Not What You Think

It's true that many people today do not find the church appealing or relevant. But the problem with the church isn't with the gospel. And it isn't even ultimately with the church. The problem is somewhere else, and in Romans 10:14-21 Paul is going to put his finger right on it....

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Sentiment Isn't the Only Emotion on Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day is coming up this Sunday. It's a time to express love and appreciation to our mothers, which of course we should do often, not just on this particular day. Mothers' Day evokes an outpouring of sentiment for our mothers, expressed through cards, flowers, a nice meal out, and a phone call if you and your mother are separated by distance. But sentiment isn't th...

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Oh, What a Relief It Is!

Romans 10 talks about man's responsibility. In particular is the issue coming up this Sunday - when it comes to salvation, your righteousness doesn't matter....

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Awesome Mercy

You might think about skipping church the next few Sundays because Romans 9 will push you out of your comfort zone. But we don't come to church to be made comfortable by a Jesus of our own making. We come to church because we want the real Jesus....

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The Struggle

God wants you to go through Romans 7. He wants you to struggle with sin because that experience is meant to drive you into the arms of Jesus Christ. The struggle that you are undergoing in your life now doesn't mean you're a failure. It makes you an excellent candidate for the grace of God....

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How Grace Changes Us

The more you sin, the more grace you get. So if you want more of God's grace, you can have it by thinking of creative ways to sin. What's wrong with this logic? It all comes down to this: If you truly want to be forgiven of your sins, you will want to change....

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How About a Nice Rotten Egg Omelet?

What does it mean that we are all "under sin?" It means we are biased toward sin, that we live under its control. We are not under sin in the sense that sin holds us down against our wills, but rather that sin has seeped into our wills, into our good intentions, into our self-images, even into our morality. Sin feels normal and acceptable. And this is true of us all, witho...

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Respectable Sinners

We survived Romans 1. But Romans 2 is staring us right in the face. In Romans 2, Paul teaches that when we look down our noses upon someone else and we think to ourselves, "What a sinner, what a loser, what a terrible person," then we have committed the sin of being judgmental. That is what Paul is talking about in these opening verses of chapter 2....

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Avoiding Dark Thoughts About God

This Sunday we'll investigate some sticky questions. I'm not going to run away from them as much as I might like to. So I'll give you a biblical perspective on these thorny issues. But that's not my primary objective, nor is it the primary objective of Scripture. The primary objective of Scripture is not to protect us from the living God, but to show him to us. ...

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Why Everyone Needs To Be In Church

Everyone needs to be in church. There are benefits you reap from coming to church that you could never enjoy by staying at home, or by "worshipping God" on the golf course or on the lake. It's something Paul talked about in Romans 1:12 - "mutual encouragement in the faith." ...

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This is What We Need

Whenever the Book of Romans is proclaimed from the pulpit, studied and revered by God's people, God brings reformation. Why is it that? One reason stands above all others. The book of Romans speaks with clarity and power about the gospel. This is what we need. We need reformation. We need the power of the gospel to continually transform us....

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