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Sunday Morning Preparation Part II: Unveiling Our Hearts

You’re halfway through the sermon and you just realized you haven’t understood a thing that’s been said. “What’s going on?” you may begin to wonder. “Am I being dumb? Are spiritual things just boring to me? Why can’t I focus?” ...

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Preparing for Sunday Mornings Part I

Going to church is hard. The practice of dragging yourself out of bed, making yourself extra presentable, and speeding through breakfast on the weekend isn’t especially appealing. If you manage to make it into the building before the service begins, that means you have enough time to either sit awkwardly and wait or have a few conversations with people you don’t really...

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Community Withdrawal

We all deal with discouragement in different ways, some healthier than others. But what does God call us to do as we struggle with trials? Too often we react by withdrawing from community. I believe the Bible calls us to something different....

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Why History Matters

Knowing the history of the Church can be a great encouragement to our faith. We are not the first Christians and everything we enjoy about the church, whether it is solid teaching or good music, is built on the foundation laid by those who have come before us....

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Don't Neglect God's House

Where does your house rank on your list of priorities? How about God's house? Haggai confronts our view of these things in his little book, and it is worth listening to....

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Why Everyone Needs To Be In Church

Everyone needs to be in church. There are benefits you reap from coming to church that you could never enjoy by staying at home, or by "worshipping God" on the golf course or on the lake. It's something Paul talked about in Romans 1:12 - "mutual encouragement in the faith." ...

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Doctrine Matters

Doctrine matters. Everything you do, every decision you make, is a demonstration of something that you believe. Everything about your life can be described in terms of it being an application of some sort of ultimate belief. Doctrine matters. Therefore, it is necessary and right that we think about it....

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For the Common Good

When spiritual gifts are used incorrectly, the results are disastrous. You have divisions. You have strife. You have jealousy. A worship service can turn into a circus. The Spirit of God does not give gifts so that you can do sensational things and get plenty of public attention. The purpose of gifts is simple. They are to be used for the common good. ...

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