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What is the Gospel Plan?

This Sunday, we'll be talking about God's gospel plan. I might use the word "story" instead of "plan." It's essentially the same thing. A plan is just a story, written in future tense. Stories are important. Without stories, facts and figures are just isolated points of data with no significance. Stories are what give shape and meaning to our lives. Even the Bible is ...

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Who are we reaching?

Who are we reaching? That's the question we're considering this week in our series, Gospel Shaped Outreach. What kind of impact are we having on our community? Regrettably, I would have to say that we aren't reaching many, if any at all. That's a problem. I consider myself to be most at fault in this problem. While I repeatedly preach the gospel from the pulpit, I am no...

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Who Are We?

There is a fascinating story in 2 Kings 7 which takes place during the long and impressive ministry of the prophet Elisha, the successor to Elijah. Here's the setting: The city of Samaria, the capitol city of Israel, is suffering through a severe famine. The famine has come as a result of the Syrian army laying siege to the city. No one could come into the city, and no one...

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Pressure or Privilege?

It seems there is no escaping the pressure. In the broader culture, we are under pressure to keep our faith in Jesus to ourselves. And in the evangelical culture, we feel the pressure to share our faith with the whole world. One way or another, if you are a believer in Christ, you are bound to feel some pressure. Or are you? This week we will engage in the second sessio...

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