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Four Interesting Things to Know About Jeremiah

Jeremiah is an anti-Moses. There are many parallels between Moses and Jeremiah. For example, they both responded to God's call with reluctance, saying they were unable to speak well. Jeremiah's preaching also draws heavily on Moses's preaching in the book of Deuteronomy. But, Jeremiah is a kind of "anti-Moses." Whereas Moses led the people out of captivity in Egypt to the ...

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What About the In-Between Part of the Story?

We commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross on Friday, and celebrate his resurrection on Sunday. Twice. (You will be coming to the Sunrise Service, won't you?) But what about the in- between part of the story? Most of us, when we read the story of Jesus' life, tend to go straight from his death to his resurrection. Almost without thinking, we go from "He gave up his ...

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Cries From the Cross

It is noon. Jesus has been on the cross for three pain-filled hours. Suddenly, darkness falls on Calvary and "over all the land" (Matthew 27:45). By a miraculous act of Almighty God, midday becomesmidnight. The physical darkness points to the absence of light that normally comes from the face of God. A deeper, more fearsome darkness descends as the Father turns his face aw...

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Amazing Wrath

book's Prayer of General Confession, which includes a request for the forgiveness of the sins of "miserable offenders." Why, then, were the monthly magazines pulled? The official comment: "We don't want to give the impression that the doctrines of the Christian faith cause people emotional trauma." While I'm not convinced that calling people "miserable sinner...

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