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The Phrase of Praise

This Sunday we'll focus on the significance of these concluding words as an act of worship. I hope you'll be there as we come to the conclusion of the deeper meaning of the Lord's Prayer....

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Goldfish, Porcupines and Forgiveness

In the Lord's Prayer, as well as in the story we read, it is clear that our being forgiven is tied closely with our forgiveness of others. If indeed we have received the forgiveness of Christ, we must extend forgiveness to others....

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Who's In Charge Here?

For the longest time a popular saying could be seen on the rear bumpers of a lot of cars. God is my co-pilot. At first glance it seems to be a noble declaration. God is with me wherever I go. But if God is just the co-pilot, doesn't that make you the pilot?...

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The Kingdom Comes First

The Lord says, when you pray, I want you to focus on the things that are most important to God, not what is most important to you. We are self-centered by nature. We seek the things that matter most to us. But as we have been learning in our study of the Lord's Prayer, prayer doesn't begin with our concerns; prayer begins with God's concerns....

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Taking God's Name Seriously

So when Christ says: Pray this way, "Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name" what does he mean? By God's name he means everything through which God is known....

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Is Your Relationship With God Based on Performance or Status?

Jesus says that you can approach God in two ways. You can pray like the hypocrites or like the Gentiles, coming to God on the basis of the performance of your prayers. Or you can pray as Jesus teaches, and come to God on the basis of your status as his child....

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The Problem No One Talks About

There are people who bear hidden scars from the pain of prayers that were not answered. They remember times when they prayed, really prayed, said all the right words with all the right motives, even asked their friends to join them in prayer, deeply believing that only God could help them out. And after they prayed, they waited and waited and waited, but God never seemed t...

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