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What Is This Story Doing in the Bible?

Many Christians have a pretty clear-cut idea of what the Bible ought to be about. It should be about God. It should come right out and tell us how to live. It should reflect spiritual and historical truth. It should be solemn and serious. This is how much of the Bible is written. But there is one book of the Bible that is different. The book of Esther never mentions God, n...

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Does Jesus Need Us to Accomplish His Work?

We come now to the end of the series of sermons from John's gospel. Most of the time I'm eager to move on to the next series, but I'm a little reluctant this time. I discovered so many enlightening things about Jesus while working through the Gospel according to John. Back in January we began a series on the miraculous signs in John's gospel that Jesus performed. A sign is...

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Drinking the Cup--The Denial

Peter was ready to face anything for Jesus Christ. Or so he thought. Perhaps he thought that he had endured the worst of his trials with Christ in the Garden. He had impulsively drawn his sword, slicing through the air until his mark lopped off the ear of the high priest's servant. None of the other disciples had acted so courageously. Peter stood alone. Pumped by his gla...

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Drinking the Cup--Smitten of God

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on the cup from which Jesus drankthe cup of judgment and of wrath. He tasted the bitterness of this cup when he was betrayed and arrested. He sipped deeper from this cup when Peter denied him. The bitterness intensified through the rejection of the Jews and of Pilate. Ultimately, Jesus would finish drinking the cup as he endured...

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April Song of the Month

Since we celebrate Easter this month, we'll be featuring a song that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. April's song of the month will be "Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!" by Keith and Kristyn Getty along with Ed Cash. You can listen to it by clicking here, and read brief interview with Keith Getty about the song, along with the lyrics,here. The song is also feat...

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