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The Purpose of the Mosaic Covenant

Long-term commitments are scarce these days. Apparently long-term commitments are also scary. The thought of entering into a marriage relationship "'til death do us part" frightens a lot of people. So the covenant of marriage is often avoided. Many of the vows that are made these days lack the permanence and commitment of former days. But it's not just marriage covenants t...

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Sound Theology Has a Way of Doing That

In a Peanuts cartoon strip Lucy and Linus are staring out the window, watching it rain. The magnitude of the storm impresses Lucy. "Boy! Look at it pour. What if it floods the whole world?" "It won't," Linus assures her. In Genesis 9, God promised Noah that would never happen again. The sign of that promise is the rainbow." Turning back to the window with a big smile on he...

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