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Why Sing Psalms?

For a while now, I've been chewing on the idea of incorporating Psalm singing into our worship services. I've introduced a couple of Psalms settings by singing them as we gather before the service starts. You might be wondering, why sing Psalms? While it is practiced in some churchesand there are even some churches that only sing Psalmsmost churches today do not regularly ...

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A Crisis of Faith

This morning I read where Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson has decided to walk away from the faith. A few hours later, I saw that Sampson had retreated from that announcement a little by saying he hasn't totally walked away, but his faith is on shaky ground. Sampson's announcement follows on the heels of high profile pastor Joshua Harris' announcement a week or so ago...

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The Case of the Invisible Heart

We can't know what's in someone's heart." I read that all-too-familiar sentiment expressed on social media recently. A Christian ministry had released a video that attacked some other Christian leaders, associating them with demonic opposition to the gospel. Many people rightly rebuked those responsible and called for an apology. Predictably, though, someone came to their ...

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Where Does it Say, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?”

In the Bible? If you said "yes," you would be in the majority. According to a Barna Research Group survey in 2000, 75% of Americans and 40% of Christians believe this popular phrase is a truth found in the Bible. A more recent survey says that 68% of Christians believe this statement is in the Bible. So, the majority of those around us believe this phrase can be found in t...

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