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What kind of church do we want to be?

It's a good questionthe kind of question we should be asking. But before responding to this question, I have another question for you: What image comes to mind when you hear the word church?" Most people are likely to think of "church" as an institution. The dictionary defines asocial institution as a group of people who have come together for a common purpose. An inst...

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Why is it important for us to have an accurate theological understanding of who God is?

Over the past several weeks we have focused on some of the attributes of Godthe omniscience of God, the omnipresence of God, the omnipotence of God, the goodness of God, the immutability (unchanging nature) of God, to name a few. We could easily spend the rest of the year considering the attributes of God. But even if we were to consider a different attribute of God each w...

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Another Incomprehensible Sermon

A few weeks ago I preached on the incomprehensibility of God. The key concept there is that God is infinite, so we cannot understand Him fully (even though we can know Him truly). This Sunday I plan to preach on the holiness of God, and as I began preparing for that I came across the following quote from A. W. Tozer, under the heading "We Cannot Understand Holiness." I su...

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The Nearness of God is our Good

Whenever a plane goes down, there is inevitably a news story about the people who were supposed to be on the plane but weren'teither because their alarm didn't go off or there was a traffic jam or they switched travel plans at the last minute. When we hear stories like that, we Christians tend to say, "Wow! Isn't God good!?" We say that a lot"Isn't God good!?" when we hear...

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