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The Most Controversial Issue of All

In 1 Corinthians Paul dealt with just about every controversial subject a church is likely to face. And now, as he wraps up this letter, Paul deals with one last controversial issue - the issue that some might consider to be the most controversial of all. It's the matter of giving....

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Is There Ever a Right Time to Die?

Is there ever a "right time" to die? I've never heard someone who lost a dearly loved one say, "Glad to see him or go. Good timing." The only times in which we welcome death for ourselves or our loved ones is when death brings an end to suffering. But it is the end of suffering, not the end of life, certainly not the departure of the person we loved, that we welcome. ...

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The Best is Yet to Come

Have you ever noticed that everyone wants to live long, but no one wants to grow old? It's true. If you want proof, just consider the five B's of middle age: baldness, bifocals, bridges, bulges, and bunions. Nothing works right. Our bodies slow down, decay, sag, groan, and wear out. We may brag about our strength but a tiny microbe can kill us. ...

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